There are few things worse than sitting in your home, enjoying a nice evening, when you discover a foul odor coming from somewhere. You sniff around, frantically trying to figure out where that stench could be coming from. Then you realize, it’s coming from your fireplace! This is a common problem, and it usually means that there is some sort of buildup or blockage in the chimney. It could be anything from a nest to leaves to creosote buildup. The only sure-fire way to get rid of this problem is to have a chimney inspection.

If it turns out to be a problem with leaves, branches, or animals, a good thing to add to your chimney would be a chimney cap. Caps provide a safe way for the smoke to leave your chimney, while keeping debris and critters out. Besides causing foul odors, this type of blockage can also cause a chimney fire. You want any and all obstructions to be removed from your chimney before you use it.

Creosote buildup can be another reason that you’re having a problem with the smell coming from your fireplace. This buildup can be caused by normal usage of the appliance, but it can also come from improper burning practices. For instance, using softwoods or “green” wood will cause the buildup of creosote to increase more rapidly. Proper usage of your chimney appliance is not only going to create a safe burning environment, but it will also ensure that foul odors don’t dominate your living space.

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