All about Mold and How to Get Rid of It

Every household’s concern would always be about the health and safety of their family members.  It is important to take steps in addressing health threatening issues. One of them is mold.

Besides assisting with mold removal, we can also ensure that your chimney is as waterproof as it can be.

Besides assisting with mold removal, we can also ensure that your chimney is as waterproof as it can be.

For a good grasp on mold and its effects on one’s health, the government site on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention otherwise known as CDC gives us all there is to know about mold.

So we begin with the question, what are molds?

Basically, molds are a kind of fungus which is of different kingdom from plants, animals and bacteria. Molds are found indoor and outdoor environment.  They are known to be eukaryotic micro-organisms needed in decomposing dead organic material. They live and thrive best in damp, humid, warm and dark environments. The surface colors of mold are commonly blue, green or black.

After reading that, you may be asking yourself how to detect mold indoor? The first step is to make a thorough inspection of your household. Be on the lookout for signs of excessive moisture where mold can grow. Look into areas of the house like on bathroom sinks or in between your tiles. You can also smell a certain earthy odor associated with the presence of mold. Check places where leakage, or where water damage could have left the area damp. After inspection, the next step would be to contact more knowledgeable resources who deal with indoor moisture and mold.

Now how exactly do molds affect people?

The effects of mold would vary from person to person. Some individuals are not easily fazed by exposure to low levels or minimal exposure to mold. But then there is no way to determine how much mold is already beyond low exposure.

And because mold is present everywhere, we are exposed to a certain amount of mold on a daily basis, that’s why it is important to keep our regular surroundings as clean as possible. Some people can have breakouts and allergic reactions to mold.  Some people who have existing respiratory illnesses such as asthma may experience triggered attacks because of mold.  Some individuals can also experience wheezing, skin irritation or sinus related symptoms due to mold.

The question is what to do next?

Considering the health of your loved ones, the next best step is to take remedial actions. One is to contact experts. Contact plumbing services to check on leaks. Remember that molds also grow in dark, damp, dark places and one of them is your fireplace. Chimneys are often overlooked. Chimney inspections is recommended. Contact the right people and ensure the health and safety of your family now!