Masonry chimneys and fireplaces are built to last for a long time. Undoubtedly, masonry materials are strong and durable. However, masonry chimneys need to be repairs overtime. While each repair is unique, there is a general process for chimney masonry repairs. At Environmental Chimney Service, we are here to repair your masonry chimney with the best techniques and tools.

Determining when chimneys need to be repaired

a lovely masonry chimneyAll masonry chimney repairs begin with a chimney inspection. We want to know the state of your chimney before we start any kind of repairs. Masonry materials show wear and tear over time. It’s common for bricks within the firebox to develop cracks. It’s also common to see cracks on your chimney crown and external masonry materials.

An inspection determines the extent of the damage or deterioration with your chimney. An inspection also helps us discover whether the deterioration or damage to your masonry is a hazard to you or not. If the damage is significant enough, it’s time for chimney repairs.

Diagnosing a chimney repair

Because chimneys are often large brick structures, you might think all chimney repairs are the same. However, there are many different types of chimney masonry repairs. If your chimney technician determines that your chimney is in need of repair, it’s likely to be one of the following:

  • Tuckpointing – Tuckpointing is one of the most common types of chimney masonry repairs. It is performed when masonry mortar joints are soft and crumbling. The soft crumbling mortar is removed, and new mortar is smoothed back into place, to restore the look of your chimney and reinforce the strength of your chimney structure.
  • Crown rebuild – Chimney crown rebuilds are another common chimney masonry repair. They are often built incorrectly, leading them to break down prematurely. A rebuilt chimney crown can reseal the top of your chimney, keeping water from seeping into the layers of your chimney.
  • Chimney rebuilds – If a chimney’s masonry is badly degrading and failing, a chimney rebuild is needed. In this case, the failing portion of the chimney will have to be carefully dismantled. The chimney will then be rebuilt from the ground up.

Getting started with your chimney’s masonry repair

If you see cracks, crumbling or signs of water damage on your chimney’s masonry, it’s time to start the process of masonry chimney repair. Ignoring chimney masonry damage or deterioration only put your home and family at risk of fire or water damage. At Environmental Chimney Service, we can help restore your chimney. We employ certified chimney technicians and expert masons. We can diagnose your chimney masonry problems and repair or rebuild your chimney the right way. Give our team a call today!