Not many people think to consider their chimney during the summer months of sunshine and being outside, but the kids are finally heading back to school and the summer is coming quickly to a close. Getting our chimneys ready for winter is a very important step in house maintenance, one that most people forget about until they are ready to light their first fire. Scheduling your chimney inspection and cleaning for the fall means a longer wait time and less time in front of your fireplace.

Sweep Chimney Before Fall - Asheville NC

The Sweeping

Both the inspection and sweeping are extremely important in the well-being of your chimney. The sweeping revolves around the build up of byproducts emitted when using your fireplace such as smoke and various gasses, as well as wood fragments. These byproducts cling together to form a coating on the inside of your chimney. Before using your fireplace this winter, any buildup needs to be cleaned off from the previous winter months. Having one of our certified professionals out to your home means that a certified CSIA sweep will place tarps on the ground around the fireplace and any buildup that is removed is quickly taken away by a high-speed dust collector or vacuum. The sweep will also do an inspection of the outside components of your chimney and check for any mortar, brick, crown, or cap damage that occurred. Anyone without the proper certifications that we have, such as handymen or uncertified chimney sweeps, don’t know the full process that a chimney sweep and inspection entails.

The Inspections

There are three levels of inspections that are dependent on the history of your home. The first level is a basic overview of the entire structure, noting any damage. This level is the most commonly used. Level 2 could be used if you are planning on buying or selling the home. A Level 3 inspection will be used if the chimney has ever caught fire.

Why Before Fall?

No one tends to think of their chimney before the fall months, but when they do it results in our busiest time of year. To get an appointment quickly and to wait as little as possible before lighting a fire in your fireplace, book soon. We will only get busier as the time draws near!

By reading this article you already are thinking of booking your appointment with us at Environmental Chimney Service Inc. Do it now before its too late! Give us a call at 828-243-0098 to schedule an appointment.