Summer is nearly here. With that, you’re probably not thinking about your chimney. But especially during the summer, your chimney is susceptible to water damage from rain. If your chimney already has a leak, no matter how small, that water damage can cause further damage to your chimney. In Asheville, NC, Environmental Chimney Service can repair leaks in your chimney and help protect your chimney from future water damage.

Repairing chimney leakswhite house with red brick chimney

Chimney leaks are among the most common chimney problems. Chimney leaks can be caused by a host of chimney issues, including a missing chimney cap, a damaged or improperly constructed chimney crown, cracks in the chimney masonry, deteriorating chimney mortar or failing chimney flashing. All of these problems should be addressed immediately. When your chimney is leaking, the water that gains entry to your chimney can continue to cause damage, making eventual repairs more extensive and more expensive. A leaking chimney that goes ignored also can allow water to gain access to the structure of your home, causing mold, mildew, rot and deterioration in your home’s structure.

If you notice signs of a chimney leak — such as water in your fireplace, stains on your chimney’s exterior, stains on the walls or ceiling around your chimney, cracks in the chimney structure or rust on your chimney damper, fireplace grate or fireplace doors — it’s crucial to have the leak addressed as soon as possible. At Environmental Chimney Service, we can inspect your chimney to identify the source of the leak. From there, our certified chimney technicians are trained to expertly repair any type of chimney repair to eliminate the leak.

Preventing chimney leaks

Because chimney leaks can be so damaging to your chimney system and to your home, you should consider ways to prevent water from entering your chimney in the first place. Chimney masonry materials naturally absorb water, which can break down the chimney structure and lead to serious chimney leaks. In and around Asheville, NC, Environmental Chimney Service can apply a waterproofing solution to your chimney that can help keep water out. Chimney waterproofing solutions block 99 percent of water from entering your chimney’s masonry without compromising the look or function of your chimney. Chimney waterproofing is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to protect your chimney from potential leaks and potential water damage.

Summer might not be the time of year that you normally consider your chimney, but don’t let a leaky chimney damage your fireplace system this summer. Neglecting a chimney leak over the summer can allow the leak to cause further damage, and it can prevent you from enjoying your fireplace when temperatures cool off this fall. If you have a chimney leak in the Asheville, NC, are — or if you are ready to protect your chimney from absorbing water — call Environmental Chimney Service to schedule an appointment today!