Chimney Fire Safety Week
(September 5th – 11th)

“A Little Forethought Can Prevent a Chimney Fire”

Each year, as Winter approaches, most people begin preparations for heating their home.  Whether you have a fireplace or wood stove, the importance of maintaining your chimney annually is crucial. Annual inspections and cleanings done by a CSIA certified chimney company can ensure that your system is prepared to heat your home safely and efficiently all winter long. Ignoring the importance of this could cost you your home or even your life!

A fireplace provides ambiance and warmth – in fact, so much that many people forget their systems firebox is hosting a live fire in their home. The main cause of most chimney fires in residential homes is a build-up of creosote. CSIA certified professionals will thoroughly inspect and clean your chimney system to guarantee that it is operating safely. This peace of mind is priceless.

In honor of Chimney Fire Safety Week, Environmental Chimney Service has prepared a list of safety tips for preventing chimney fires in your home:


  • Burn dried out wood; use seasoned hardwoods
  • Burn larger logs, if possible but do not use too much wood
  • Do not burn card board, mail, papers or other various household items
  • Never use gasoline or kerosene to ignite your fire
  • Inspect & Clean your chimney annually with a CSIA Certified chimney professional
  • Make sure tree limbs are clear of the chimney
  • Use a chimney cap to keep critters and unwanted branches/leaves out