Dryer Vent Services

The fact is there are more house fires today started by dryer vents than by chimney or fireplace fires. That should give you an indication of the importance of cleaning your dryer vent from the dryer all the way to the outside wall vent. Many wonder how dryers can be so dangerous if the vents are not cleaned out. The simple answer is lint. Lint is listed as one of the most flammable substances in your home. Couple the heat that a dryer can produce with this very flammable material and you have made a wonderful fire starter.

In the Boy Scouts Manual, lint is one of thee recommended items to bring on camping trips to start fires, so you see that this by-product of ordinary clothes drying can lead to extraordinary circumstances and dangers in your home.

The Simple Process to Clean Out Dryer Vents

  • The dryer will be moved away from the wall and we remove the vent from the dryer.
  • A vacuum is attached to the vent so we can blow out the vent to the outside of your home.
  • On the outside vent, we use flexible rods to navigate any turns up to 90 degrees.  We attach a drill to the rods to create a “rotation and spin” to really scrub the inside of the vent tube.
  • The technician will move the drill/rod/brush in and out repeatedly as the vacuum is blowing from the inside.  All the debris from the dryer duct cleaning, also known as dryer exhaust cleaning, is gathered up on the outside of the home and cleaned up and bagged.
  • We reattach the vent to the dryer in the home, pack up, clean up and give you another year of worry-free dryer use.

Other Things to Look For:

Another tell-tale sign of a potential problem is having to use more than one cycle to dry your clothes. While lint might not be the ultimate issue, we find that it is the main problem when this is happening. Dryers need proper venting to work properly and lint is the #1 blocking material in dryer vents. Other things that you may not think about that can cause blockages in your dryer vents are bird and squirrel nests and even bee and wasp hives.

While there are over 40 million chimneys in the US, there are far more electric and gas dryers that, without proper maintenance, can be a house fire waiting to happen. This technique normally takes less than a hour from start to finish and is very reasonable considering the alternative.

It is imperative to get the word out in regard to dryer vent safety, so if you or someone you know has never had the vents from your dryer cleaned out, call us today or click here to schedule your appointment online!


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