The Environmental Advantage of Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning

While there is a lot of great information in regard to inspections, it’s the actual chimney cleaning that makes the greatest difference year in and year out to the safety and home environment for you and your family. Chimney sweeping removes the layers of creosote and dangerous build-up that is formed during normal use of your fireplace. These materials are highly flammable and can create a virtual tinderbox in your chimney if not removed on an annual basis.

We have provided a video from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) about how Environmental Chimney Service will sweep and inspect your fireplace. We believe you should be an educated consumer when it comes to the care and maintenance of your fireplace.

This is true of both wood-burning fireplaces and oil or gas furnaces, which are used in abundance in North Carolina for heating the home. With yearly cleanings, coupled with needed inspections, you are on your way to protecting your loved ones from chimney or house fires. This will also help immensely with potential ventilation issues keeping smoke, vapor, and other gases vented from your house and chimney efficiently.

chimney inspections and sweeping

Latest Technologies to Keep Your Home Clean

Another major concern to home owners is the mess associated with cleaning a chimney. However, Environmental Chimney Service uses the latest technologies to insure your home is left as clean as, if not cleaner than, it was when we started. Our goal is to always maintain the neatness and cleanliness of your home. Please note that the homeowner must be present at the time of service.

Tarps are used in front of the fireplace and a high-speed dust collector is set up to make sure that no soot gets into your home. The chimney is swept from the top to the firebox floor, then the damper is inspected and adjusted as needed. While we use brushes for both the firebox, smoke chamber and flue, there is also a vacuum set up to control dust particles from entering your home.

Once this is completed inside the home, we move to the outside and do a visual inspection of mortar joints, brick, crown and cap. We will document any and all damage we notice and leave you with a written evaluation that also includes our 100% service guarantee.

Our Chimney Sweeps:

  • Are CSIA Certified
  • Are Certified with the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild (Owner, Richie Baxley is the current certification chairman for the guild)
  • Participate in mandatory industry training. This insures our sweeps stay on top of the latest in the chimney sweeping industry.

Part of our cleaning process is to evaluate your chimney with a complete Level I or Level II inspection of your chimney system or appliance. If a Level III inspection is required or there are repairs needed, we will do the needed documentation and determine any repairs and supply you with a free estimate at the time of service.

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The NPFA recommends an annual chimney inspection as part of the chimney services you should schedule.