Important Chimney Services to Keep You Environmentally Safe

Environmental Chimney Service offers a wide variety of chimney services in North Carolina regarding the new build, maintenance, and repair of chimneys. We take great pride in our work, and endeavor to provide each of our clients a chimney that is environmentally safe for your family.

  • Chimney Sweeping is cleaning the appliance from the top of the stack to the firebox.
  • Chimney Inspection is inspecting visually or with a video camera to make sure your appliance is in good working order before and during use.
  • Chimney Repairs can be many things from repairing loose bricks to total rebuilds and is always determined by a detailed inspection.
  • Masonry Repairs can be done in the firebox to the top of the stack depending on what is found during the annual inspection.
  • Waterproofing is for the chimney stack and protects it from water damage over the years.
  • Firebox Repair and Installation
  • Damper Replacement and Repair
  • Wood Stove Sales and Installation
  • Class A/Metal Chimney Installation (classified for wood stove or gas burning)

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