Thermo-Rite Glass Doors Help Keep Your Fireplace Safe

Thermo-Rite glass doors help to insulate the entire chimney appliance when the fireplace is not being used. It creates a “dead air” space between the closed damper and closed glass doors. This helps with efficiency when your fireplace is dormant.

Once your fire burns down, you can close the fireplace doors to restrict heat loss up the chimney. Heat will also continue to radiate into the room while keeping your family safe by restricting any ash or spark from flying out of the smoldering fire and onto a person or floor.

ThermoRite Glass Doors

Why Thermo-Rite

Environmental Chimney Service believes in Thermo-Rite Glass Doors for 3 main reasons:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Tempered Bronze Glass
  • No-Tarnish Frame

Thermo-Rite also has one of the best selections when it comes to glass fireplace doors. Our customers always find something beautiful that fits their decor and we are proud to install these doors because we know they will last and stand the test of time.

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We also offer realistic-looking gas log sets and installation in our chimney catalog for a convenient, quick way to enjoy a beautiful fire. Ask us for more details.