Decorative Clay Pots Are All the Rage

If you’re ready to make a statement with your chimney stack, a decorative clay pot just might be the answer to your prayers. It’s a throwback to the Victorian Age that many homeowners love and we are here to help make their desires a reality. However, these chimney pots absolutely must be properly measured and installed or you can create issues you never expected. The most common are combustion problems due to lack of oxygen. That’s why you will need to be very careful when selecting a clay pot. We can help you get through the proper measuring hoops so you are happy with the chimney pot and the fire you get in your fireplace.

Clay Pots

For example, you must consider the top opening in relation to the fireplace opening as well as the base dimensions in relation to the flue. There are a lot of additional factors that must be considered from measuring the base to make sure it fits over the flue properly to fireplace and chimney construction.

While there are plenty of places online that will give you all the measurements you need to have, the one thing they can’t do is the measuring and installation for you. That’s what Environmental Chimney Service can do. And once you see how heavy these can be, you will be glad you have hired professionals who know how to get the clay pot installed correctly.

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